Chrysalis Lanterns

I made a new batch of chrysalis lanterns for Art Hop this past weekend, and hung them in the back hallway and filled up our big streetside window with them. They were certainly my best-seller for this Art Hop (my first as a participant!). Each is made with a "fabric-mache" method that I adapted from a paper-mache method I learned from Thom Haxo many years ago at Hampshire College, which provides a rather sturdy form, and creates that wonderful glow. I added wings to many of them, and an LED light bulb rests inside each one, and provides a method to hang. 


I had many comments and questions about what they "were" - the most common was dragonfly, but I also heard fish, shrimp, bee, and pokemon! Really they are inspired by my love of insect-like forms, and these specific forms drawn by my fave, Moebius!  (drawings of his down at the bottom)