Engaging with the pressing ecological crises we face can feel daunting. With my work I endeavor to draw people in to contemplate these issues, without being overwhelmed by grimness and despair. Through light and sculpture I explore the interactions and relationships between humans and other species. This leads me to focus on our often harmful impacts on many beings, particularly whales and other marine wildlife. Coming to terms with the grief caused by the endangerment and extinctions of plants and animals which we humans are responsible for is a monumental challenge. I work to find ways that art can help to foster a sense of deep connectedness with the nonhuman kin with whom we share the world.

I create illuminated sculptural lanterns representing the breadth of biodiversity in the living world. When lit, these lanterns reveal skeletons, colors, and patterns of the creatures they represent - they cast a warm glow, drawing the viewer in. These works encourage the consideration of these beings, their role in ecosystems, and their wellbeing in the world. Inspired by open, public, inviting events, I work to facilitate the co-creation of large, participatory art installations, rooted in the places and ecologies they represent. 


Clothing and Cloth